Veggie Quesadilla with Fresh Salsa

Let’s Get Creative and transform your home into a restaurant!

What if you could have a restaurant in your own home, run by your kids?

Mindfulness Journal – in this Jo

Join us in the “Tiny Chefs Studio” kitchen as we learn how to make this delicious recipe in our Online Studio Cooking Class for kids.

Your child will be able to follow along in this online cooking class with a video instruction of each recipe or print the recipe & shopping list to make at a later date! Their knowledge will be tested with a short quiz & fun activities after each video. While earning achievements along the way your child will learn a variety of cooking techniques & terminology.

Upon completion of the recipe & lessons, your Tiny Chef will feel a sense of confidence in the kitchen and be open to trying a variety of new flavors! They may even give you a break from cooking a meal every so often!

Let’s get started! See you in the “Studio” kitchen!

Veggie Quesadilla with Fresh Salsa – Single Recipe Virtual Class with Lessons


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